Nov 20, 2017

Pink Madness

Coat / Palton - HERE / AICI || Dress / Rochie - Zara || Shirt / Camasa - H&M || Boots / Cizme - Diva Charms || Bag / Geanta - Love Moschino 

Hello, hello!

It is Monday again and I thought that "a little bit" of pink could brighten up this day, right? I recently started a new collaboration with another international website and the coat that I am wearing today is one of the items I received from them. Even thought I am very much into red at the moment, I will always love pink and this COAT has the sweetest and girliest shade of pink. The quality is very good and the coat is super soft and way thicker than I had expected which makes it perfect for winter as well :)

This beautiful color was definitely asking for a lady-like outfit and quite frankly I missed wearing something like that as lately I am more into casual looks, so it was the perfect occasion to pair it with my new obsession - the polka dotted shirt, over which I wore a black knitted dress. I also took out my velvet over-the-knees boots for the first time this year and I feel that we are slowly heading towards winter, this probably being my first winterish look. :) One big pair of pearly earrings and my favourite bag and I was ready to go. What do you think about this look?

On another matter, I still have many new items to show you these days, so stay tuned!

Have a lovely new week, A.

P.S: You can find the coat HERE, on SALE and oh, my darlings, I forgot to tell you that if you use the code "LauraZF" on your checkout you will get a discount (for e.g. if your purchase is 30$, you will pay only 27$, if it is 50$ - you pay 45$ and so on), therefore hurry up and take advantage of it! :D

Nov 17, 2017

This season I choose red!

Denim Jacket / Geaca de blugi - HERE / AICI || T-shirt / Tricou - Zara || Jeans / Blugi - Zara || Bikerboots / Bocanci - Zara || Hat / Palarie - Primark || Backpack / Ghiozdan - Stradivarius

Happy Fri-YAY darlings!

As you can see, red has been quite a motif in my last outfits and the one from today is no exception. I must admit this bright color really got to me this season and I love how it makes any look pop, so most likely that I won't stop here :)).
And while I was looking for the perfect red coat for winter, I found this lovely denim jacket which went straight to my shopping cart. I love its retro vibe, the fact that it is oversized, the wonderful shade of red and even the ribbon detail on the right pocket. Not to mention the fact that it arrived (together with the sweater from my previous post) right before we went on our short vacation and it matched the scenery perfectly. Oh and I forgot to tell you that the quality of this jacket is very good and you can find it HERE also on pink or khaki.

Of course I had to style it in a casual outfit since we were surrounded by nature, but I think the jacket really made my outfit stand out and without the pop of red my look would have been just a plain black & white jeans-tee look. My point is, try investing in items which will make more special even the simplest outfit you're wearing. :)

On another matter, among the outfit photos I also inserted some pics from the four-hour cruise we took on the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo because I also wanted to share with you the beautiful scenery we saw at that time. FYI, some of the pics are white-ish due to the bad air quality there was that morning, whereas my outfit was most likely noticed & remembered by everyone on that boat due to this adorable JACKET. :))

Have a lovely weekend!
Love, A.

P.S: If you are in need of a new phone case and you use the code "idealautumn" on you will get 20% off your purchase.

Nov 14, 2017

The embroidered sweater

 Sweater / Pulover  - HERE / AICI || Shirt / Camasa - H&M || Jeans / Blugi - Zara || 
Boots / Bocanci - Zara || Bag / Geanta - Mango || Hat / Palarie - H&M

Hey loves, so this past weekend we were away again, this time in Guilin, China. This area is famous for its amazing nature and landscapes and we had a great time. The weather was also on our side, meaning it didn't rain at all even if the weather forecast told us something else in advance. We visited the city, we took a cruise and admired the amazing scenery on the Li River up to another city (Yangshuo), where we spent two days. In Yangshuo we rented two bikes and we explored the surroundings with their help after which we also did some bamboo rafting and that was super fun! As you can see, it was more of a trip full of sporty activities, but we enjoyed it to the fullest.
There were also 2 more things which I wanted to see really badly but unfortunately we didn't manage to cross them off the list too: 1. the rice terraces (which were quite far away and we would have needed a day only for this) and 2. the famous fishermen with cormorants (we saw some guys with the birds, but not the real deal). Oh well, maybe next time. :)

On another matter, right before we left I got another package with two amazing items and I could not have been happier as I was able to take them with me, hehe. The first one is this very beautiful embroidered SWEATER which was perfect for our walk in the city on our last day there. Besides its lovely print, the quality of this sweater is very good and I must tell you that it turned many heads around. :) The sleeves are wide but I tied them with the drawstring and made them a bit shorter, it has a high neck and the fabric is perfect for this time of the year. I choose to wear it with a shirt underneath because that's what I do if the sweaters are a bit shorter and I think this little trick emphasized the sweater even better. :) I added a pair of skinny black jeans and my biker boots with pearls but I needed some color too for my accessories and red was the best choice :)

What do you think of this look? How would you wear this sweater?

Love, A.

P.S: If you're wondering why is my bag so swollen,well it's because I was carrying my second lens in it :))

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