May 23, 2018

Polkadots, Pink and Monterosso al Mare

Dress / Rochie - Zara || Earrings / Cercei - Zara || Bag / Geanta - Guess || 
Sneakers / Tenisi - Converse

Yes, finally! I finally gathered my "strength" and managed to edit ALL the photos I have left to post from our trip to Cinque Terre, Milano & Pisa. I wasn't in the mood of editing them and I kept postponing the moment simply because everytime I remembered of how many they are I was finding something else to do instead :)). Well that, plus that I've been also busy with my other IG collabs and I've been away again, fact which you should know if you follow me on Instagram and you probably noticed the multitude of photos from Venice. Don't worry, I won't "stress" you out with sharing those pics here as well :)) I think you saw enough on IG. And if you didn't, this is a good reason to hit the FOLLOW button 👉 @andyandra.

So anyway, I am closing the "Cinque Terre" series with some photos and the outfit I wore in Monterosso al Mare, which was in fact the first village we visited and which is only 5 minutes away by train, from Levanto. We spent there some good hours and it was the only day when we visited just one city in the area, but it was nice to enjoy its (almost) every corner, have time for photos, have an espresso and later on, something to eat on the beach.
I forgot to mention that each of these villages / cities are full of stairs and streets which go up and down so you should definitely wear some comfortable shoes. For our first day there, I decided to wear my white converse along with a super flowy and comfy dress with polka dots (you already know how much I love polkadots at the moment!) and some pink accessories.

What do you think?

Kiss kiss,

May 7, 2018

Golden Hour

Jumpsuit / Salopeta - HERE / AICI || Bag / Geanta - Zara || Slingbacks / Pantofi - Stradivarius || Hat / Palarie - H&M

Hey loves,

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty busy, but lovely because my parents came to visit us so I'm spending these days with them. Reason for which I didn't have time to show you this new look yesterday but I couldn't wait to do it since it's one of my favourites lately. As I told you two posts ago, I love jumpsuits at the moment therefore together with the floral one I also chose this mustard yellow JUMPSUIT, which is definitely a special and different addition to my wardrobe. It is very beautiful, well made and perfect for summer and I love the fact that it can be worn in both casual and dressy combos.

To be honest, I only had time to wear it for the pics because I took too many clothes with me (as I usually do haha), but I love how well it fitted the beautiful courtyard with olive trees and the pretty Italian house where we stayed. I can't wait to wear this jumpsuit in several other ways during this summer, I know it will be my faithful companion! You can find it HERE, at a very good price.

Do you like to wear jumpsuits during summer or do you prefer dresses? How would you wear this one?

Have a pretty new week,

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